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We do not miss the last opportunity of the 20th century and the beginning of this century opportunity, after years of pioneering development,made tremendous achievements have been considerable development.Friends with the leadership and the care, support and loyalty of all my colleagues, closely related to forge ahead.

Leiwo in the development process, to continuously improve and better ourselves as always, make unremitting efforts and struggle, temperedtrain a contingent that senior management personnel; Through continuous learning and thinking.and reform and innovation in accordance with its own requirements to meet the ever-changing market, it has developed a unique culture,concept and spirit of embarking on a road of development with characteristics Leiwo.

Mankind has entered the 21st century, the tide of information technology revolution sweeping the world.In this era of unprecedented development of information science and technology, Smederevo aerodynamic will own strength and faith to overcome all kinds of difficulties.dealing with various challenges, in competition for development, and achievements in the development of innovation, benefiting for the community.

Lead and standing, in front of which more support.Believe that the concern and support of friends, as always, the concerted efforts of all of us.Pneumatic Leiwo will usher in a more brilliant future!